Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers’ Gynecologic Oncology Program team, led by Dr. Daniel Donato Jr., specializes in treating and caring for women with pre-cancers and cancers of the female reproductive organs, as well as pregnancy-related tumors. Dr. Donato is an expert in his field, with more than 30 years of experience. Additionally, since its debut in 2000, Dr. Donato has used the da Vinci Surgical System to perform more than 2,000 gynecologic procedures. 

With the support and expertise of his team members, Vickie Powell and Mary Ball, you will receive a patient-focused, coordinated approach to care. This means an entire team of oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, genetic counselors, social workers, financial counselors, and dieticians all work together to develop a more personalized and cohesive treatment plan that will offer you the best outcome and quality of life possible. 

We understand how anxious you may feel about your need for gynecologic surgery. This is why Dr. Donato makes it a priority to see you the same week you call and to schedule your procedure within a week’s time. Throughout the entire process, you can be assured that Dr. Donato and his team will maintain excellent communication with your oncologist. 

Contact the Practice of Dr. Daniel M. Donato, Jr., MD, FACOG, FACS

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**If you have a medical emergency, call 911.

Gynecologic Cancer Resources

Supportive Care

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers’ team of licensed oncology clinical social workers are highly specialized in the field of cancer and able to help patients and families understand more about their diagnosis and treatment plan. They can also direct you toward any other supportive care you may need, including appropriate community resources, support groups, and education classes. Oncology social workers are often part of your cancer treatment team and play a very important role in your care. 

Clinical Trials 

At Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, we understand the importance of clinical trials. Because of this, access to clinical trials is one of the many services we offer. Cancer clinical trials are research studies conducted with people who volunteer to participate in the testing of new therapies. The purpose of these studies is to find better therapies for cancer treatment, including the treatment of gynecologic cancers. We encourage you to talk with your medical oncologist about whether you qualify for a trial. 

Genetic Counseling 

Sometimes, the risk of certain gynecologic cancers is higher due to inherited genes and/or a family history of cancer. At Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers our highly-trained genetic counselors specialize in assessing your personal and family history to help estimate your cancer risks. Genetic counselors play an important role in your cancer care since their extensive training allows them to present complex information to you and your family members in a way that’s easy to understand. We encourage you to talk with Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers’ team of genetic counselors to learn more about testing and counseling available. Knowing more about your genetic risks can help you make the best decision for you and your family.